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HOWTO: Pulling Google Bookmarks with Python

I love using Google Bookmarks (usually with the Google Toolbar) because it lets me get to my bookmarks at home on my laptop or desktop, at work, or anywhere. It's great. Now I'm using those bookmarks to power the links section of gPowered.net First we're going to need the httplib2 library so we can authenticate against Google and grab the bookmark feed and then the ElementTree to help process the rss feed. Then we'll setup the link to pull the rss from, authenticate against the request, and pull back the…

HOWTO: YUI Tabview

A few days ago I added the Digg counts to the bottom of the Posts page on gPowered.net. Although, the more posts that I add, the further down on the page this section will get, so I decided to play around with YUI's tabview control and put the post list in one tab, and the diggs in another. It turned out to be really easy: First we need a few dependencies And then we just need to organize some DIVs

HOWTO: Use a Yahoo Pipe to filter feeds

One of my friends at work asked me today how I sift through volumes of news to find articles and information on Google and specifically on Google Code for my articles. The answer is simple, I don't. Granted, I DO read a LOT, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to read everything I want to. So, I have a Yahoo Pipe sift through the feeds for me. Pipes is "a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web." Its fairly easy to use and doesn't require any code…

Javascript pacman clone

A great example of javascript to create a pacman clone. (Uses YUI)