Most of my projects are client work and under NDA. If I have free time, I hack on random things

Launched Side Projects that are now deceased:

  • Twitter2Gtalk – I started this at an AppEngine hackathon the Google hosted years ago. It ran until I hit my limit on the free tier (about 10,000 users). I shudder to look at the code to this.
  • SimpleWod – I started a site to keep track of workouts I was doing. I had about 20 friends beta testing it. Then Beyond The Whiteboard came out and it was doing everything we would need
  • ReaderFollow – When Google removed comments from Google Reader, I built this to hold the comments. I had a pretty hardcore group of Reader friends. It was a combination of a Greasmonkey script and a Django backend that let my friends and I continue to comment. It had about 500 users when Google shut down reader entirely. I thought about building a full RSS service. But seeing what FeedBin was doing got me excited about that.
  • Beyond The Whiteboard 2 RSS – Used to create an RSS feed from your workout entries on <https:""> on AppEngine.
  • Took it down after the BTWB redesign. I had a few hundred users for fun.

See my Github for more