I give talks at Cake & Arrow, conferences, and various Meetups around NYC

  • Saving Time and Money with Vagrant – Given at Meet Magento NY 2014 Vagrant can aid businesses and developers by creating development environments that mirror production. This talk discusses the basics of Vagrant, real world stories, and how it can be used in various projects. This is the 3rd evolution of this talk. Links and resources can be found here as well as v1 and v2
  • Jira Process and Etiquette – This is a talk I give every year or so at Cake & Arrow to detail how we use Jira as a company. It’s great for new hires and a gentle reminder to the old guard
  • Launch Week – was given to employees at Cake & Arrow as a discussion starter to the activities and events around the launch of a site: Why technology says or does the things we do, and why we may turn into werewolves. I also had wanted to try making a deck in a time box (45 mins) while learning DeckSet. Markdown for the slides can be found here.
  • Git and Distributed Source Control – This is an older talk I gave at I as an intro to DCVS systems. The audience was for technical people as well as non-technical so there was a common understanding of the tools we use