Sending Email to Omnifocus in Airmail2

Airmail2 is my desktop client of choice for Gmail. It keeps the same hotkeys as the web version of gmail and has some good integrations.

In outlook, I use ^O to send an email to Omnifocus. That workflow also attaches the outlook email to the task for easy reference later. I wanted something similar for gmail besides just forwarding the email to Omnifocus. With that, I still had to go find the email to actually reply to it. Omnifocus integration is the single most important reason (to me) for using Airmail. Airmail will add an in-app link back to the email in Airmail in the notes section of the task.

But, I don't like the default hotkey, I just want it to be ^O. To get this to work:

  1. Go to > Keyboard > Shortcuts
  2. Add Airmail2
  3. Add an action with the Menu Title of: OmniFocus...
  4. Record your keyboard shortcut to be ^O