ProBlogger Birthday Bash: $54,000 in prizes!

ProBlogger's Birthday is here and Darren is running small contests throughout the week with over $54,000 in prizes. I missed the first few, thank you work and being on call, but the prizes have been pretty good so far.

The first contest was for copies of Aaron Wall’s SEO Book and all you had to do was comment on the post announcing the contest. The second set of prizes were free listings on SeekZap and all you had to do was sign up! (This is the one I'm really bummed about missing.) The final prize for yesterday for the first 25 responders was tubes of Mederma scar treatment. For the full prize list, see here

You don't have to have a blog to participate in most of the competitions so if you want to have some fun over the next few days, and into the weekend (this is actually pretty good for me, I'm stuck home on call, now I'll have something to do ;), add the feed to your reader and try to keep up.

Note: The current contest is for 2 20″ LG USB monitors

Good luck to all!