Top Secret Picasa Features

Google Photos Blog: Lesser-known (and secret) Picasa features

Most people are familiar with Picasa's usual features; Editing, organizing, uploading, printing, etc, but Mike Herf, the Picasa Engineering manager is going to take us on a tour on some of the "easter egg-ish" features. He's going to be posting hidden features and tips on Wednesdays over at the Google Photos blog so check it out.

The first up is search. While you might be familiar with searching for a filename, or a directory you know you put the photo in but can't find, you might not be aware that you can also put in dates, camera models, flash (for if one was used), what type of lens was used, or even the iso settings. All of these are indexed by Picasa and will be returned in a search. Another fun search term is color:red or color:gray. Try is out ;) The last hidden search feature is under Tools->Experimental->Show Duplicate files and Picasa will list all the files that show up more then once on your hard drive, pretty nifty for cleaning space.

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