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How to get brightkite photos into an RSS feed (to post to a blog)

I started another blog so I have a place to rant about comics or movies or whatever else I need to get off my chest, and I needed an excuse to play with wordpress (something I've been wanting to do for a while). I plan on posting how I did certain things on that blog on gPowered. One of the things I really wanted to do was have my twitter photos show up as posts on that blog. For a while I have been using twitpic, but have recently changed over to brightkite. Brightkite provides an rss feed of all your…

Wordpress Plugin: Displaying your Google Reader RSS subscriptions

I've been meaning to write this code for a while, and I really wanted to take a stab at writing a wordpress plugin so here it goes. The following takes in Google user credentials, and allows the user to display what RSS feeds they subscribe to on their wordpress blog Example: The RSS that I read Update: This plugin is now hosted by wordpress. click here

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

I'm currently in the process of migrating gpowerd.net over to this domain and onto wordpress. SyntaxHighlighter has been upgraded quite a bit since I last wrote about it.  I came across a great plugin to handle the code highlighting for me on wordpress.  I love the plugin, didn't have to go into the wordpress template. It doesn't support the old pre syntax that I had been using previously but it was simple to add in. Patch to add this to 2.3.8 is below, Thanks to Alex for the plugin

gpowered.net is now timbroder.com

Hi all, some of you may have noticed this site is no longer on the gpowered.net domain.  I've been wanting to move onto wordpress for a while now and also do some additional writing beyond code stuffs which would be outside of the scope of gpowered.  I also unfortunately (or fortunately because I love my job) don't have as much time as I used to to research and post how to's.  Heavy django and magento going on lately, I'll try to post about those. There are two RSS links at the top, RSS has everything on…

The top 10 best Wordpress plugins to get up and running with everything you need.

These are the top 10 best wordpress plugins I use to quickly get a wordpress blog up and running with everything I need.  I used these last week to get a new site going in about 2 hours.  Leave some time for analytics to catch up and you are all set. Google Analyticator harnesses the power of Google Analytics for your blog. See where traffic is coming from, where its going, as well as basic hit tracking. The plugin also comes with an easily customizable widget that can be used to display specific…

Getting Started with Varnish Edge Side Includes and Wordpress

There are a lot of cases on blogs where once you write the post, the cache for that page doesn't really have to be updated all that often.  Comments can be powered by Disqus so you don't need to bust the cache every time someone comments. If you make a change to a post, it's page and any pages that display it (home, category, etc) should be updated automatically anyway; wp- varnish is the best plugin for that btw. Now, the sidebar. That's where it can get tricky.  On a lot of the content sites I work on, we…

How to Remove or Change the way Wordpress Links to Images in Posts

By default, WordPress will link directly to an image in the category or post view. In a project I was working on today I wanted to change that. On the category view I wanted the image just to link to the post, and in the post, I didn’t want a link at all. Useful trick I found below:

Fixing YouTube embeds in Wordpress

In some wordpress themes, youtube embeds just show up as a black screen. As discussed here, the solution is adding a transparency setting to the iframe's src. However, the solution in that thread only works if the src is right next to the frameborder. Updated code below if you are running into this problem New thread in the wordpress forums can be found here. (The original was closed)