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Google Web Toolkit 1.4 Release Candidate 2

Google Web Toolkit Blog: Google Web Toolkit 1.4 Release Candidate 2 Short post I know, but its getting late and I'm off call at midnight so... The latest release candidate for GWT is available for download. There are over 100 bug fixes included in this RC. Some of the enhancements include: ArrayList toArray(SomeClass[]) is now implemented SuggestBox value now gettable DateTimeFormat parse defaults to 00:00:00 for dd-MM-yyyy format The current browser event is globally accessible

Google I/O session videos posted with slides

As I said earlier, Quite a few presentations from Google I/O have been posted for your viewing pleasure. I'll be glued to these this weekend while I'm on call. Topics include Ajax KML Sketchup Android OpenSocial Appengine Data APIs Theory Talks Youtube Gears Mashups Maps and more!

GWTPHP = Google Web Toolkit + PHP 5

I know there is a pretty high number of programmers who haven't tried to dable GWT yet because out of the box, the back end is java only. PHP developers rejoice! _Unlike most of the other frameworks, GwtPHP is a framework for both client and server part. In GwtPHP you don’t need to hack JavaScript, you work with modern, object oriented languages. User interface (client) is programmed in Java, then compiled by Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to browser-dependent JavaScript. Server part uses PHP 5. _ Not yet…