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Improve your Magento workflow: Use git or mercurial

Most of our new projects at work are on mercurial and I've moved most of my personal projects over to git.  We do, unfortunately, still have one Magento install that lives in our old subversion repository.  If you've ever tried to work with a project the size of Magento in SVN with branching, you know the kind of pain this can cause. My machine at work is no slouch. An i7, 8 gigs of ram, 256 megs graphics card, and an SSD. Perfect for any number of high performance or online games, compiling, or video…

Opening SourceTree from the Command line

SourceTree is my weapon of choice for a git GUI. I do most of my git work from the command line, but it’s great to look at diffs and branch trees. I was finding it tedious to open SourceTree with Alfred, then opening the correct project. I use this alias to open it right from my working directory: Then, just from where I am

How to Get Notified if someone stars, forks, or follows your Github

I've been using GitNotifier for a few weeks now. I get a weekly report emailed to me of who has starred or forked any of my repositories, as well as follow/unfollows. It's a nice little touch to put on top of Github's already great service

Sketch Git Plugin

A Git client built right into Sketch. Generate pretty diffs so that everybody knows what are the changes! Designers can use git too!