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Chrome coming to Android?

Android Community and a few other blogs have stated that Chrome will be making its way to android, but aside from the processing stack and improved javascriptability (yes I just made up a word), is it really going to be the full chrome app everyone is playing with or just a tweaked out webkit (which we already knew was going to be the native Android browser)

Chrome: Don't Clog the Tubes!

A buddy at work mentioned this. There are also a lot more listed over at lifehacker ![](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SMV4afne6pI/AAAAAAAATC8/PbOxUVJEpkI /s400/clog.JPG)

Google’s JavaScript/ Chrome Experiments Showcase

Google at ChromeExperiments.com released a showcase site for JavaScript experiments especially aimed as promotion to demonstrate their own Chrome browser’s capabilities. From games to 3D graphics, these demo's really show off what the chrome javascript engine can do

First Google Chrome Extensions

Extensions are coming for chrome. Google’s Matt Cutts in a blog post says: “Extensions currently have very Greasemonkey-like functionality: you identify which web pages should be modified, plus JavaScript to be added to those pages. By default, the extension’s JavaScript runs after the page loads, but you can specify that the extension’s JavaScript should run before the page loads. Right now, you can only load one JS file, but that could change in the future. You also can’t currently load Cascading Style…