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test from my blackberry

If you are reading this. I was able to post from my work blackberry, neat (Waiting for a baby shower, I mean meeting, to start. Currently guarding the cake) Mmmmm cake

New Work Blackberry

Got a new blackberry at work today: The 8820. Much nicer then my old clunker which... err... broke... yeah we'll go with broke. Getting the curve when it comes out on Friday for Verizon. I can't install any applications on my work one, but as soon as I get my personal one, Google Blackberry app reviews will be pouring out =)

5 Reasons Why RIM Should Make A BlackBerry That Runs Android

I'd really enjoy this. 1) I'm obviously addicted to my crackberry. 2) I'm not sure how I feel about lots of typing in a touch screen. I played with the HTC Touch over the weekend. It was cool, it was pretty, but the screen wasn't as responsive as I would have hoped. We'll see what HTC can do with the Diamond and the Dream