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gPhone, or lack there of

To be honest, when I heard that Google was going to announce whatever it is they have been working on with a "gPhone" I was really excited. The announcement of Android, their new open mobile platform is cool and all, but I was a little disappointed. Granted thats because might have been expecting something as cool as the iPhone, or that I desperately need a new phone. I've been following the openmoko project and its going to be intersting how Android compares to it. For the full Android story, check out…

Best Android quote

Android handsets are poised to spread like wildfire across the open source and developer communities upon release. I can't wait. Verizon better have Android

But Daddy! I want and Andoid phone NOW!

A Microsoft Office editor should be available at launch and based on these screenshots, its going to be pretty useful. I'll have to fire up the Android emulator this weekend and see how this stacks up against mobile Google Docs and Spreadsheets. [![](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SBHoRfmVqOI/AAAAAAAARzk/Z6ryO5Ce-mo /s400/veruca+salt.jpg)](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SBHoRfmVqOI/AAAA AAAARzk/Z6ryO5Ce-mo/s1600-h/veruca+salt.jpg) Veruca Salt: Hey, Daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa. I want you to…

Select Google I/O sessions to be posted online

I won't be able to attend Google I/O (It's a bit expensive on short notice for me) bit it's a relieve that some of the sessions are going to be posted online after the conference.

Android Developer Challenge Judges and Top 50 Details

The Android developer's challenge has release most of the top 50 (a few opted to not be made public for now). A slide deck of the winners is available here. I've gone through some of them and they have been blowing me away. Lists are being put together with the websites for the winners. There is some really exciting work being done. Even though its the first one on the list, AndroidScan still blows me away. It uses the phone on the camera to take a photo of a bar code, look up the product in a database, and…

I/O: Android on the HTC Dream

You might see some random I/O posts popping up from me over the next few days... ;) In the keynote at Google I/O, the HTC Touch was demonstrated running Android. Touch streetview, and heck, when you move the phone, streetview moves with you! Video on Engadget and stills on Talk Android

5 Reasons Why RIM Should Make A BlackBerry That Runs Android

I'd really enjoy this. 1) I'm obviously addicted to my crackberry. 2) I'm not sure how I feel about lots of typing in a touch screen. I played with the HTC Touch over the weekend. It was cool, it was pretty, but the screen wasn't as responsive as I would have hoped. We'll see what HTC can do with the Diamond and the Dream

Google I/O session videos posted with slides

As I said earlier, Quite a few presentations from Google I/O have been posted for your viewing pleasure. I'll be glued to these this weekend while I'm on call. Topics include Ajax KML Sketchup Android OpenSocial Appengine Data APIs Theory Talks Youtube Gears Mashups Maps and more!

T-Mobile Android slated for Oct 13th

Highlights pre-order will go until Oct. 3 at 5pm Phones will be received on Oct 13th Price: $199 $18 "upgrade" fee 2 year contract required $35 unlimited data & messaging plan $25 plan including 400 messages Phone Features Touch Screen Full Qwerty keyboard 3G/ WiFi Full HTML internet capabilities Easy access to all Google applications (Gmail, Gtalk, search) Maps Street view You Tube Phone IM/Text Email Camera 3.0mp Video (playback only, no recording) Music player & 1GB memory card pre-loaded Applications…

New Android news

T-Mobile G1 phone images leaked! Android Developer Challenge Winners Announced Android App Market Confirmed. EAT IT IPHONE

Chrome coming to Android?

Android Community and a few other blogs have stated that Chrome will be making its way to android, but aside from the processing stack and improved javascriptability (yes I just made up a word), is it really going to be the full chrome app everyone is playing with or just a tweaked out webkit (which we already knew was going to be the native Android browser)

Android Market now open. Full source released

The Android Market is now open, register to add your apps! http://www.android.com/market/ ![](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SQ8LWQBaTRI/AAAAAAAATtw/dg9Emi0zDTs /s320-R/market.JPG) The full source code for Android is now available: http://source.android.com/

Android hacked to run on x86

I foresee this being my weekend project https://androidcommunity.com/android-hacked-to-run-on-x86-20090714/

Powering Chrome to Phone with Android to Device Messaging

Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) was launched recently as part of Android 2.2. C2DM enables third-party developers to push lightweight data messages to the phone. C2DM created a nice opportunity for us to pull together different Google developer tools to create a simple but useful application to enable users to push links and other information from their desktop / laptop to their phone. The result was Chrome to Phone - a 20-percent time project at Google. Chrome to Phone comprises a Chrome Extension…