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I amy very, very excited about this OmniFocus 3 news. I’ve been using Due for daily tasks and it will be great to go back to just 1 app.

My highlights:

The term that makes more intuitive sense to most people is tags: you can tag an item with a tag—or multiple tags—and later you can look at that tag to see all the items assigned to it.

Tags are incredibly flexible, letting you organize things in whatever ways make the most sense to you.

OmniFocus 3 solves this issue by letting each tag track its own independent ordering of tasks.

For OmniFocus 3, we wanted to add more flexible scheduling, but we also wanted to avoid overwhelming anyone with a bunch of decisions that they might not care about. To solve this, we turned to a design principle called progressive disclosure: we ask you to make simple decisions up front (like checking the option “does this repeat or not”), and as you proceed through the interface we progressively disclose more and more options based on what we already know about the task

OmniFocus 3 will still coalesce related notifications

Finally, for those cases where there is something that really absolutely must get done now, without delay (like taking your medication), we’re adding a new type of repeating notification that will keep reminding you about a task every few minutes until you tell OmniFocus that you’ve completed that task.

or OmniFocus 3, we’ll be adding powerful JavaScript-based automation much like what we’ve already shipped in OmniGraffle

This will enable dual-platform scripts which can be used to manipulate tasks in all sorts of ways, such as filtering, reporting, or creating content based on templates.

For OmniFocus 3, we’re adding support for linking tasks between unrelated databases. The idea is that I can send you a task (with its notes and attachments and due date) and propose that our tasks be linked, and you can choose whether to accept the link or not. While our tasks are linked, we can each see updates to the status of that specific task

we’re building OmniFocus for the Web. It will be greatly simplified from the OmniFocus you know