Tektok Podcast - Ep023 - Overly Connected

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I had the pleasure of joining the Tektok podcast this week

Episode #: 23

Date: 01/25/16

Hosts: Brian Feldhaus,Timothy Broder & Clay Russell

TEK Topics

Brian: Android in more places. How do you feel about this??

JetBlue entertainment system, Clover payments, etc.

Tim: Communication: we are way past email and texting with slack, hangouts, Facebook groups, basecamp, hip chat, etc.

What is everyone using to communicate at home and at work?

Clay: Getting to Know our Panelists:

Name one app, movie, TV show, book and album that best define who you are.

Sweet & Sour TEK

Tim: Nuzzle for iOS

Clay: Interact for iOS (Universal $4.99)