Still Using Feedbin

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Feedbin is under continual development and every few of months there's a new feature released or small improvements made to the user-interface.

I signed up for Feedbin and Feed Weangler the day they came out. I was a huge Google Reader junkie (and had even written add-on modules for it ). I wanted to make sure I had a great service when it finally shut down. I paid for both services for 2 years to fully try them both out.

I've been more than happy with Feedbin. It gets regular updates, is super fast, and integrates with all of the apps I use on my phone or Mac. Feed Wrangler had the killer feature of not showing RSS items if you had already loaded them into Instapaper. I wanted this to be enough to keep using it, but unfortunately it wasn't. I love David Smith, his work, and all he does for the community. But it's obvious that Feed Wrangler isn't his main focus. That's ok! But, I want a product they continually approves beyond security updates