Science Says Snapchat Makes You Happy

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The study, titled “Sharing the small moments: ephemeral social interaction on Snapchat,” concluded that Snapchat interactions are correlated with increased “social enjoyment and positive mood” compared to those on platforms like Facebook. In other words, the quick-fire moments you experience on Snapchat — which is used to share videos and photographs that disappear after a short amount of time — might make you happier than other social media.

I need to get better at understanding snapchat. I feel like a dinosaur

I seem to have the mental bandwidth for 2 social networks. For me the non-negotiable one is Twitter where I read everything. Part of this is keeping the number of people I follow to ~200 and a heavy use of mute filters. I've recently gotten better at browsing Facebook and Instagram, more to see what my friends are up to. I went through a HEAVY unfollow process on Facebook. I now probably only see 30 people in my feed compared to the hundreds of people I'm friends with.

I do find myself chuckling when I get snaps compared to any other network so this article tracks