Magento 2: Q&A With A Systems Architect

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Magento 2 has revamped the architecture of the platform. Many of these changes introduced tried and true design patterns into the platform. Although these design patterns are more advanced, they come with a lot of literature to describe how they should be used in practice (read up on the ‘Gang of Four’). For eCommerce managers, these fundamental changes provide their team with a more structurally sound platform to scale-up their business.

​I am very excited about the direction Magento 2 has taken. It feels more thought out, more complete, and more flexible. Magento 1 feels bolted together by this point. Between composer, the new service layer, and it's component based architecture, Magento 2 requires a higher order of developer. This is a good thing. Script kiddies and SO copy/plasters will not survive or at least REALLY have to learn OOP and new architecture patterns. ​ ​Bring it on