Creating a Custom Podcast Feed Using Dropbox and Huffduffer

I use Overcast as my podcast client because of it's SmartSpeed feature. This feature is now 100% free with the new 2.0 update. SmartSpeed has spoiled me. Before Overcast I would listen to most shows at 2x. This resulted in "chipmunk voice" which I dealt with to try to get through a few more episodes each week. Overcast let's me reduce this by speeding up playback by removing a certain % of silence.

Sometimes I'll find other recordings, episodes, or files that I want to listen to. I don't want to see if they are already in a feed somewhere, or subscribe to a whole podcast. So, these files just sat in a dropbox folder that I'd "listen to one day". I forgot it was there. Recently, CGPGrey was talking on Cortex about a similar problem (though with audio books). The result was this workflow below.

I've been using it to create a custom podcast feed of random audio files that I throw in dropbox. I get a notification in Overcast when they are ready, and I can add them to my existing listening queue. Awesome


  1. Dropbox (iOS App)
  2. Workflow (iOS App)
  3. Any podcast client that accepts an RSS feed. (Overcast is 100% free)
  4. Huffduffer Account
  5. You have audio files in Dropbox somewhere


  1. Setup Dropbox on iOS
  2. Open this url in Safari
  3. Tap "Get Workflow"
  4. Allow Safari to open Workflow
  5. Open the workflow in Workflow
  6. Check to see if Workflow has access to Dropbox
  7. Hit Done
  8. Go back into the workflow and run it
  9. Navigate to where your audio files are in dropbox
  10. Tap the one you want, and give it a Title
  11. Go to your profile page in huffduffer and grab the RSS url for your profile
  12. Add this by URL in your podcast app of choice
  13. You are done!