Cutting Back

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I actually treated a vacation like a vacation but I fully expected to be stuck attending to work, checking RSS, and the like. Turns out it was kind of... nice?

I think I'm pretty good about doing this. Work email and calendar are deleted from my phone when I go on vacation. If there is a true emergency, I'll get a text or a phone call.

Vacations are important. You need to recharge, you need a mental break. Give your mind some rest.

This is especially important from work, but other things as well.

On as many vacations as I can (especially beach ones) I'll go into "no devices mode". No phone, tablet, TV. just books. My Kindle gets a pass. Sometimes. Others I'll grab some library books. On vacation to Italy last year, I made an exception with Instapaper. I shouldn't have. Our train rides became about getting through as much Instapaper as possible instead of a relaxing read or enjoying the countryside

There is more new stuff on the internet that I'd like to be a part of than I have hours in the day to participate.


It's been a long time since I had to accept that I won't be able to take it all in. Still, I try.

I do too. There are more tweets, RSS/Instapaper articles, and podcasts than I can keep up with. I want t,o but let's be realistic. I read Twitter as a completionist or I've been known to take a week or even a month off. For RSS and Instapaper I mark everything as read twice a year; On New Years and my birthday. My podcasts I should really prune. Some I listen every week, some I cherry pick. I think I need less that I want to listen to every episode

The hard part about letting go of my fear of missing out is the process of falling behind