Sam: Ios Games You Need To Play

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I wrote about my favorite games of 2014. Sam posted his list. You should take a look.

Sword & Sworcery This is one of my favorite games of all time. It tells a tragic and beautiful story full of fantastical mystery. The world is unlike anything else; creating an amazing blend between high fantasy, music culture, and otherworldly charm. Everything reacts to your touch. It makes you feel like you are a guide and a participant in this story, following the Sythian through her journey as a companion rather than an observer.

This has been on my list of games to try forever. It's not that I balked at the $4.99 price tag. Plenty of the Final Fantasy games I've bought were $15. I didn't like the look of sword and sorcery from the screenshots. But Sam's recent game recommendations to me have been great. I'm currently working on a combination of Final Fantasy 6 and Baldur's Gate. Maybe when I finish one of those

Botanicula & Machinarium Unlike a lot of adventure games, these never dive into obtuse logic puzzles or irreconcilable fail states. Instead, they let you freely explore their worlds and solve puzzles on your own terms.

I'll add another vote do Machinarium. After playing through the Room I & II last summer Laura and I looked for another puzzle/adventure game. We landed on Machinarium and have been playing through it together when we have time

realMyst A modern translation of the classic adventure game, realMyst takes the original game, Myst, and opens up the world to free movement.

I LOVED the original Myst. But replaying it scares me. I survived it. I conquered it. I don't know if I would want to open that back up.