Git 2.5, Including Multiple Worktrees And Triangular Workflows

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Git 2.5 has been released with worktrees, better triangular workflows, and performance enhancements. Read GitHub's take on it here

The new Git subcommand git worktree creates additional working trees connected to an existing Git repository [1]. Each linked working tree is a pseudo-repository with its own checked-out working copy. Its .git is actually a file that refers to the history and references from the main repository

Nice. This is Git's solution to having multiple clones for different long running streams. I do this more often than I thought

Git has many features that support triangular workflows, but it’s sometimes hard to see how to use them together in real life. Let’s take a closer look at triangular workflows, including the new command line shorthand @{push} that was added in Git 2.5.

This is neat. It might take me a little while to adopt this. The existing flow works well for me