Gigster Does The Dev Dirty Work To Turn Your Idea Into An App

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Crew and Toptal pre-vet their freelancers, but all the management issues remain

We've had varying levels of success with TopTal. But, the management side of it wasn't the issue. The issue was code quality and expertise. But, we got what we paid for

Just go to Gigster’s site, instant message with a sales engineer, tell them what you want built, and in 10 minutes you get a guaranteed quote for what it will cost and how long it will take. Give Gigster the go-ahead, and it will manage an elite set of freelance coders and designers to build your product and give you status reports each week. Once you get your project back, Gigster will even maintain the code, and you can pay to add upgrades or new features.

I'm trying to decide if this is worth trying. Next week when I'm back at work I might float a small project their way to see what the quote is. (Assuming I already know what it would cost us to do it ourselves