A Tale of Two iPhones: Part 2

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My iPhone decision, posted on The Tekside Network

Size matters, and it’s all in how you use it. In my last post, I went through my thought process of picking a new phone. Since then, I’ve had a lot more hands on time with the 6 Plus, and came to a decision. Quick recap: Big screens are pretty, big screens are harder to fit in pockets, I read a lot, I should get a big one as a developer device.

A coworker of mine has the 6 Plus and was gracious enough to let me use his for some lengths of time. We were both at a conference last Monday. This gave me ample walking around and sitting time with the 6 Plus. The 6 Plus sticks out of the top of my front pocket. I tried it in two different pairs of Jeans (Express and Levis). Neither pair is considered a “skinny jean”. I might have been able to get used to that. Maybe. And no, I’m not going to put it in my back pocket. Risk of bending or not, I’ll forget it’s there and do something stupid. While it “fit” in my pocket, I couldn’t slide it around. There is a decent number of times where I have my laptop on my lap; On the commuter train going into NYC or on a couch at work. When I do this with my 5s, I slide it to the side of my pocket so the laptop isn’t sitting right on it. If I left it, it would dig into my leg or eventually do something bad to the phone’s screen. Not an option with the 6 Plus (it is with the 6, I tried).

Walking around with the 6 Plus in my front pocket wasn’t bad. I do tend to keep my hands in my pockets a lot and it was only slightly annoying. Sitting at the conference’s chairs wasn’t too horrible. I knew it was there, and it was different, but I could have gotten used to it. Back at work though, it felt very weird. At my chair at work, the phone was digging into my hip. I possibly, possibly could have gotten used to this as well. I probably would have started taking it out of my pocket to sit down. Then, knowing me I’d forget it at my desk and need it shortly after to check where I’m supposed to be or what meeting I’m supposed to be in.

Reading on a bigger device isn’t too much of a deal breaker. I don’t mind reading through my Instapaper queue or a Kindle book on my 5s (while on the go, I have a Paperwhite at home). 90% of the time I have my backpack with me which has my laptop and iPad Mini in it. I do a lot of reading on the iPad. The 6 Plus is not big enough for reading comics so there’s no way it could ever be replaced. I’ve made my decision at this point. Getting the 6. There was one thing still on my mind though: I was worried about was doing development work and having the 6 Plus with all it’s new size classes. I do my iOS dev on nights and weekends. If I did it full time, I could justify weighing that reason over the rest of my thinking. Maybe one day. For now, I’ll stick with comfort.

Space Gray, 64 gig 6, here I come.

(I wasn’t up for renewal until Sept 22. As of this writing, my phone will show up on Oct 17)