Using PonyDebugger on a device

PonyDebugger is awesome. I use it mostly for Core Data debugging. Most of the time, I find it easier then firing up SQLite Professional.

When using the simulator, hitting localhost:9000 is fine. On a device, not so much; you need to hit your machine. xip.ioto the rescue! What it is: is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS for any IP address. We use this heavily at work if the machine we’re on isn’t hooked up to a subdomain or [Vagrant Share]( preview-vagrant-1-5-share.html).

We can use this wildcard to have our iPhone hit our laptop’s instance of PonyDebugger.

First, get your IP. I use this Alfred workflow. Take note of your local IP.

Start PonyDebugger listening on that IP:

bashponyd serve —listen-interface=

For handy access, alias this command:

bashalias pony="ponyd serve --listen-interface="

Load Pony in your browser by appending your IP to the a URL:

To access via the simulator or a device:

pony.enableNetworkTrafficDebugging() pony.enableCoreDataDebugging() ```