Delayed Liveblog on the WWDC 2014 Keynote

I was stuck in meetings most of the day but I was able to download the keynote for the train ride home :)

Here are some thoughts. If I live tweeted, it probably would have gone something like this. Maybe a few more here..

  • The dev intro video was awesome. It’s like Apple saying “We love you, we’ve heard you”
  • That’s a lot of Apple engineers present
  • It’s a shame I can’t risk my laptop. I want to play with Yosemite! I dig the

new look

  • Ooo dark mode

  • Mail drop is huge for work

  • Airdrop from phone to laptop!!

  • Proximity awareness is great for starting an email on the can and finishing it at the desk ;)

  • Proximity hotspot is PERFECT for when I’m on the train

  • Texts in Messages!!!!!

  • Proximity calls is crazy. Listening to music on laptop with headphones, call comes in, boom.

  • Hmm, maybe I’ll install the public beta…..

  • Interactive notifications, thank god. one of the few things still on my “I miss from Android list”

  • Context typing looks hot. I missed switfkey

  • I’m curious if Health can accurately track my sleep. But, I don’t want my device in bed with me

  • Family sharing and photo stream will be cool :) The purchases is great. Laura and I overlap on so many apps and games

  • I’m really curious what your iCloud size limit is going to be. Unlimited? It can store ALL your photos.  I wonder if people will be dumping photos into this from other services

  • Ah, there we go. Paid tiers. Will probably stick with Flickr for my ultimate backup. (All are also backed up to CrashPlan)

  • Hah, Shazam Siri. Nice

  • 50 mins in the keynote for DEV

    • App store improvements are awesome. The lists, searches, App bundles. Apple LISTENED. wow. Whoa App preview videos
    • Ahh There’s Test Flight! And it’s free
    • Extensibility: Inter-app. boom.
    • Notification Center Widgets. boom
    • 3rd party keyboards. boom
    • Can’t wait for TouchID support in 1password
    • The user implications of HomeKit are nice. We have a WiMo so I’m on board with other home automation things
    • CloudKit. Boom. The cloud pricing wars were already insane. I’m worried about the performance and availability… Code once though…. I
    • The Metal demos are sick. I don’t do much of that type of gaming. Might be time to start again
    • Mentioning Objective-C. OMG
    • Swift. BOOM. HOLY SHIT. Closures, Generics, Namespaces
    • OMG the playground
    • Grabbing the book right now. It’s trending. Pretty cool
    • Bugshot 2014 06 02 210418

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