How I use my Launch Center Pro homescreen

Recently there have been a few Launch Center Pro articles that have recaptured my attention. I had tried a few months ago to simplify my home screen, no luck. This time, it's sticking.


A few people have asked me on twitter what flows I use in LCP so I'm throwing this post together. Please note my screens are very much a work in progress. There are some Actions in multiple groups, as well as on the home screen. I also just noticed I'm missing a browser. A lot of these are app launches instead of true actions. Working on adding to that so it's more efficient. But, for things like Instapaper or Pinboard, they detect something in the clipboard on open so a custom action isn't needed.

I left a phone on my homescreen because I don't trust myself to realize I missed a call just with notifications. iTrans is a metro north schedule app that I check before I leave work because I'm paranoid a schedule has changed (very healthy, I know).  Clear and Trello organize my work/personal life. (Aside from Jira, but I have yet to find a good iOS app).  Check the weather has been my weather app of choice since it came out. It's fast and simple.  At work I need to check my calendar a lot so Fantastical 2 stays. I've been trying to force myself to use Day One and Evernote a lot more. Having them on my homescreen has been invaluable.  The last 4 (PocketCasts, Tweetbot, Riposte, and Instapaper) get opened multiple times a day on average so they needed to stay.


This is my main screen. From bottom left to top right: Text my wife Apps that I use to consume things Apps that I use to "do" things Contacts and logging to Day One Group texting and communication Random things and adding to Trello


Reading/Listening apps that I just can't live without. Instapaper stayed on the homscreen. Tried living without it, didn't work. I open that app multiple times a day.  When I'm in the mood, I use Velocity for speed reading. Pushpin is a new addition. I'm a fan of Pinbook, but giving this one a try.


I've started playing around with more Actions here. New Day One entry, new Fantastical reminder, go right to search in Google Maps, go right to search in 1Password, new post in Buffer.


Fast ways to text/call/email my family.


Some quick logging that I've been playing with in Day One IMG_2104

This is one of the main things I miss about widgets in android. Quick texting a contact. This is THE reason I bought LCP when I first got an iPhone. I would go so far as to say I wouldn't have bought an iPhone without LCP. IMG_2105

Quick work contacts IMG_2106

Random things I play around with