Compiling Textmate

TextMate 2 recently went open source on github and a coworker friend of mine was asking if I had compiled it yet. Here's the quick and easy on how to compile it.


  • Either homebrew or macports (I'll be using homebrew for this post)
  • Xcode 4.4+ (make sure to open at least once and accept licence agreement)

Now install the needed apps with brew: [shell] brew install ragel boost multimarkdown hg ninja proctools [/shell]

  • ninja — build system similar to make
  • ragel — state machine compiler
  • boost — portable C++ source libraries
  • multimarkdown — marked-up plain text compiler
  • mercurial — distributed SCM system
  • pgrep and pkill - part of protocols

If the hg install gives you issues, get the latest command line tools from Apple. (At the time of this writing it is Command Line Tools (OS X Lion) for Xcode - August 2012) Compile

git clone 
cd textmate
git submodule update --init ./configure && ninja 

Install and Cleanup

cp -R ~/build/TextMate/Applications/TextMate/ ~/Applications 
rm -Rf ~/build/TextMate*