New Digg reverse paywall coming


_Welcome to the future of killing time on the internet, and getting paid for

it: Digg is implementing a reverse pay wall! We believe this will greatly enhance the Digg experience. Early reaction from test users has been great. Can Duruk, developer at Digg, sums it up well:_ "I thought Rebecca Black's 'Friday' video was great now that I got paid to watch it!"

Now, I used to be on Digg for at least an hour a day. then v4 came... and it kind of sucks now..... Losing nested categories was a huge loss for me.

(9:39:48 AM) Tim: i would totally go back to digg to get paid

(9:40:46 AM) Laura: Hmm

(9:41:00 AM) Laura: Digg is so horrible, that's a little like being ok with becoming a prostitute

(9:41:03 AM) Laura: I mean, you get paid