Moving Gmail Gadgets to the Right Side

I started using Remember the Milk recently but didn't want the gmail gadget to be so far down on the left hand side of my screen.  There is no built in way to move gadgets to the right hand side with the exception of chat (labels used to do this but was removed in favor of drag in drop back in late 2009). gmail right widgets If you don't have anything in the right hand column, enable Right-Side Chat from Gmail Labs.  We are going to add in some custom css to gmail so install either [Stylist ](https:// Chrome or Stylish for Firefox. Add the following style:

div.TZ:nth-child(8) {
position:absolute !important; 
width:164px; }

In chrome you can also restrict the domain to For me, the Remember the Milk gadget was the 8th child. Play with this until it looks right for you. You may also have to play with the "top" element depending on how much room your chat gadget takes up