Twitter recap of the superbowl halftime show

Ok so, the superbowl halftime was just god awful

@tomkaters I just put Prince on the turntable. #MakeMyOwnHalftimeShow

@cskilpatrick This halftime show needs more Bieber. #superbowl

@CobraCommander Who is this tranny singer butchering Guns at halftime?

@iamunscared Fergie is a train wreck, just ruined G n R.

@amyasparklethe sound from the halftime show is completely messed up. awful.

@garyvee No more pls

@tomkaters Enjoy halftime by tom.

@cskilpatrick They should play this halftime show when they're trying to get cultists to leave their compound. #superbowl

@brianshaler Glad everyone already tweeted about all the flaws in the Super Bowl halftime show. Now I don't have to.

@garyvee It's time for a new format for superbowl halftime shows, how about interviews at the 50 yrd line ...conan and Jon Stewart interview Prince

@brianshaler My favorite part of the halftime show was when they played the song "Where is the Lol? E"

@werty Pretty sure Fergie raided Ace Frehley's closet for her Super Bowl halftime show costume. #superbowl #blackeyedpeas