Online advertising moving to.... your car?

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Online advertising moving to.... your car?:

With the release of [Android

2.0]( on the Motorola [Droid]( Services/Mobile-Phones/Motorola-DROID-US-EN), the Google Maps for Mobile application brings turn by turn GPS navigation (with voice) to your car. A great feature by far, it actually made Garmin and TomTom's stocks [tank](http: //, but what does it mean for the future?

Currently adwords is all over the web; on pages, in your mail, on maps. Now picture this possibility and keep in mind this is all hypothetical: You are using Navigator to get you to the local movie theater and it randomly chimes in with 'You are about to pass Joe's Pizza!' This could be good and bad. Good because you might be able to set the navigator to find restaurants you've never tried and didn't know were there. Bad because it could get annoying. Good because it would open up a whole new form of advertising for small businesses.

Either way, just something to think about, times are changing with all the technology we now carry around in our pockets.