How to stream video to an Xbox 360 from linux

There are a couple of different methods floating around to do this, but I think this is the quickest and easiest to get set up. So far, I like this better then FTP'ing files over to my old modded xbox. Some notes about further investigating will be at the bottom. Note: this was tested on an Ubuntu machine.

  • Make sure your 360 has all the current updates
  • Install ushare "sudo apt-get install ushare"
  • if ushare complains about a missing libdlna dependency, get it from here: **"wget" **
  • Edit the ushare configuration "sudo vim /etc/ushare.conf" update any ports or network devices you need to (I changed mine to eth1 so it would just use the wireless) as well as what folder to scan
  • There is a mime-type you need to update "sudo vim /usr/share/mime/packages/" change mime-type type="video/x-msvideo" to mime-type type="video/x-ms-wmv"
  • restart gnome (ctrl + alt + backspace)
  • start ushare with "ushare -x"
  • Go to the media blade on your 360 dashboard
  • Press 'X' to change the source
  • You should see uShare (or whatever you named the share to in the configuration)
  • play videos!
  • note: **to play a .mkv file, rename it to .m4v **

To Do:

  • get uShare to automatically rescan the directory (currently if I add a video to the folder, the 360 will not see it until i restart uShare)
  • get 1080p HD content to stream. I have tried a few re-encapsulation methods so far, nothing working yet
  • this is an xbox thing, that hopefully will be fixed in the fall update, but navigating large folder trees can get annoying