NEW! Google Mashup of the Week

So I've decided to add a new feature to gPowered, the Google Mashup of the week. So many of these get created all the time using various Google APIs and services. Each week I'm going to search around find a dozen or so of the newest ones, pick out the one I like the best and why... with a possible runner up. As for when I'll be doing these, the new mashups will be posted sometime in between Saturday and Monday. Usually on the weekend unless I'm going away... like next weekend (Tennessee).... and the weekend after that (Boston)...

... and the Mashup of the Week goes to:

APIs: Google Maps, Craigslist
The Good: Its craigslist... with a map. Or I should say its a map with Craiglist in it. If you've ever gone apartment hunting, you know the value of this. Smooth, no lag when changing grids, Craiglist opens right in the same window. I also really like the account feature. The site tries to profile you for people looking for roommates, and also from what I gather, is going to email me suggestions when I need to start looking for a place for a July 1 move-in.
The Bad: Not necessarily bad, but I would have liked the option to have Craigslist open in a new window
The Ugly: New York wasn't in the default list!

Other contestants:

[Spell Boy Beta](
APIs: Google Gadgets
Why it didn't make it: For on the web FireFox or Google toolbar can spell check all the forms for you, and if you're mail client can't spellcheck... well.. get a new one.
APIs: Google Maps, Indeed
Why it didn't make it: The website was VERY slow to load the first time, I almost stopped looking at it because I thought it was down. Also I didn't see any place to search by job? only by location and then I have to hit ctrl+F?
Small community that uses the Youtube API to show off and comment on videos in users profiles.
APIs: Youtube
Why it didn't make it: I don't speak German

100 Mile Diet
APIs: Google Maps
"When the average North American sits down to eat, each ingredient has typically traveled at least 1,500 miles. Use this interactive map and the 100-Mile Diet book to eat local, think global."

FormSpring + Google Calendar
APIs: Google Calendar, formspring
Why it didn't make it: Formspring costs money for anything worthwhile, free gives u 3 forms and 50 saves per form?