Google Overheard in New York

If you haven't heard about Overheard in New York ( OHNY ), or don't subscribe to it, I can't recommend it more. It's absolutely hilarious. It's been around for a while and is constantly updated with a dozen or so quotes a day that people hear while walking / riding around New York City. You don't have to live in the city to enjoy it, though you might not get all of the humor. I used Google Reader Search to go through the feed looking for Google references. Here are a few, note: there were a lot more but not all were appropriate for all audiences.

He's Started Scooping Matt Drudge
Female Google suit: How's your son doing?
Male Google suit: Great! He's 11 months now, and he's starting to get a personality -- it's great!
Female Google suit: I'd love to see some pictures sometime!
Male Google suit: He's got a blog!
--Elevator, Port Authority building, 15th & 9th

But Which One? Which One?
Crazy guy: Can anyone tell me about the Chinese stock market? [Two minutes later] Can anyone tell me about the Chinese stock market? Come on, people, that's an easy question!
Suit, laughing: Here's an easy question for you: How far away is Saturn to Pluto?
Crazy guy: That is too easy. Why would you ask me something so easy? The answer is Google. Google is the answer. The real question is, are there aliens from Saturn and Pluto on this train right now? And how could you tell the difference? [Looks around, waits for an answer.] Well, I know, because I'm one of them! [Crazy guy gets off the train.]
--1 train

But We'll Find Out for Sure When the Anime Comes Out
Nerd #1: So, was she hot?
Nerd #2: According to Google Image search, yes.
--Math Building, NYU

**She Has Six Months Left to LiveJournal
** Doctor guy: Okay, we have the chest x-ray and it explains what's going on. See this lesion? It is pretty impressive.
Patient lady: "Impresssive"? Is that a medical term? Am I gonna have to google that, too?
--Office, 71st & Park
Wednsday One-Liners
Sketchy doctor: I Google everything! I treat my patients with Google.
--Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, 98th & Madison

Teen chick on cell: Yeah, it's funny... Google it. Wait, do you guys even have Google in Florida?
--54th & Park

Girl: Google is, like, totally taking over the world!
--Terminal 4, JFK