Rest in Peace Robert Jordan

Alas and woes, one of my favorite authors, Robert Jordan has passed away. RJ is the author of the magnificent The Wheel of Time Series. The series currently had 11 books plus a prequel. Jordan was feverishly working on the 12th and final book entitled A Memory of Light. My old Roommate Kit got me into it and though I had previously tried the series when I was about 10 I didn't get into it, this time around I instantly fell in love with The Eye of the World (first book). I put RJ's work on the same level as Tolkien, who is my all time favorite author. Robert Jordan came to "dominate the world that Tolkien began to reveal to us." One of the words at the bottom of comes from a reference to the main character, Rand.

RJ, you gave me a great world to escape this one into. I will miss you dearly. Rest in Peace and become a Memory of Light.