Debate 2.0

Last week during the presidential debate, the country was a-twitter.  There were a bunch of sites doing some sort of realtime web 2.0 shows of the debate, with a lot of these using twitter and hashtags.  If anyone knows of any sites that I haven’t listed below, please let me know

We had the TV, a couple of laptops, and a few bottles of wine going and it turned out to be great fun.

My favorite site was definitely Current’s Hack the Debate  It displays the video/audio of the debate, as well as real time tweets that are tagged with #current.  This is where I’ll be spending most of my time.

Twitter weighs in with

#tweetdebate was an experiment to use twitter to track in real time who is winning, this is tracked using  See the site for rules.

Other websites with twitter mashups for the debate
C-SPAN (democrats)
C-SPAN (republicans)
NPR (#factcheck)

I’m cooking dinner / having wine for the VP debate tonight with some friends. Follow us up on twitter if you want to join in on the fun.поездка в танзанию