A QA Engineer learning to code

Background: “Steve” has been teaching himself ruby and javascript

(9:44:21 AM): i dont think theres anything
(9:44:26 AM): that would make me think
(9:44:28 AM): front end stuff is fun
(9:44:29 AM): its like
(9:44:32 AM): the opposite of fun
(9:44:37 AM): i mean it looks awesome
(9:44:39 AM): when someone else does it
(9:44:43 AM): and i look at like exmaples of real cool shit
(9:44:45 AM): but then
(9:44:48 AM): i take a peek at the html/css
(9:44:49 AM): and im liek
(9:44:50 AM): what the fuck
(9:44:52 AM): is this shit
(9:52:29 AM) Me: lmao
(9:55:01 AM): you know how like
(9:55:04 AM): if you look at random source code
(9:55:08 AM): if yo ujust kind of glance at it
(9:55:11 AM): yo ucan sorta figure out whats going on
(9:55:20 AM): like oh theres a loop, theres some recursion, blah blah blah
(9:55:21 AM): wiht css
(9:55:21 AM): its like
(9:55:23 AM): well
(9:55:25 AM): this is red?????
(9:55:28 AM): maybe its blue??
(9:55:34 AM): what the fuck is this shit on top

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